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AIHM Fellowship Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities

AIHM places a high value on social parity. The affordability of integrative services to our patients and the affordability of our educational programs are top priorities. The Interprofessional Fellowship is committed to providing scholarships for exceptional healthcare practitioners. Special consideration is given to those representing diverse professions or who work in underserved communities. We are grateful to the supporters who make the scholarships possible.

These scholarships are available to any health care practitioner who meets the Fellowship eligibility requirements. AIHM offers a variety of scholarships dependent on financial need as well as the strength of the personal statement, demonstrated commitment to the principles of integrative health and medicine, and one letter of support from an employer, mentor or close colleague.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria Award
Underserved Scholarship (1) Clinicians currently working in federally designated underserved areas and/or in community health centers within the United States. These scholarships are awarded based upon financial need, demonstrated commitment to working with the underserved, quality of essay and strong letter of support $11,500
Director's Scholarship (1) This scholarship is open to any healthcare provider that demonstrates a strong commitment to the advancement of whole person care in their chosen profession. This scholarship is awarded based upon the strength of the personal essay, scholarly/clinical activities, and letter of support. $11,500
AIHM Scholarships These scholarships are available to all healthcare professionals that are in need of support to take the Fellowship program. Scholarships are awarded based upon financial need and strength of the personal essay and letter of support. $2,000–$8,000

Please note: While awards can be up to $11,500, scholarship recipients will be expected to contribute the amount not covered towards their $22,500 tuition (payable over the two year program) and any additional costs including supplemental learning materials, travel, lodging and other incidental expenses for the three residential retreats and clinical immersion experiences.