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How do I join AIHM as a Member?
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How do I join AIHM as a Member?

From the AIHM home page at, choose “Join” in the top-right hand corner of the page:

To become a Member of AIHM and enjoy all of the member benefits, choose “Member (Paid, Full-Access)” as your Member Type. The “Non-Member (Free, Limited Access)” will not allow you to access the AIHM Community, be listed in the directory, receive e-learning discounts or access any of the other AIHM Member benefits.

Next, enter your desired username, first name and last name. NOTE: The system will search existing records based on the provided information.

If you see the notification, you may already have an existing AIHM login. You may simply use the reset password link to access your existing AIHM account login.

Otherwise, disregard the notification and click “Continue” to create a new AIHM user account and profile.

Next, choose your Membership type:

Once you have selected your Membership, complete your profile and set your Privacy Settings. Additionally, you may choose to opt in to the AIHM Find a Provider Directory at this time (please ensure your Privacy Settings are correct before opting in to the directory).

Privacy Settings determine what profile information you share with other AIHM members, and what information is displayed in the publicly AIHM Find a Provider Directory. NOTE: privacy settings must be set for each field on your user profile. A handful of fields may have privacy settings set by the system that cannot be overridden.

After you have completed your Member Profile, hit Submit to continue.

Next, choose your Groups, if desired. Then, enter your billing information at the bottom of the page and hit the “Submit Securely” button to complete your transaction.

After you have joined , please be sure to

  • Verify your information is correct (name, address, membership status, etc)

  • Set your Privacy Settings

  • Opt In to the Find a Member Directory


For further instructions on what to do after logging in, please click here.