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AIHM Annual Awards
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AIHM Annual Awards

The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM) awards celebrate our interprofessional community. These prestigious awards in integrative health and medicine are presented each year to those most deserving individuals that have been leaders and inspirations to so many of us. Award recipients uniquely embody our fundamental Academy values: Interprofessionalism, Pluralism, & Love in their respective categories and specific aspects of our AIHM vision & mission.

Each award aligns with our conference theme of People, Planet, Purpose.


The Lee Lipsenthal Lifetime Achievement Heart Award

The Lee Lipsenthal Lifetime Achievement Heart Award, honors Dr. Lee Lipsenthal, MD (1957-2011) who was a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Lee uniquely embodied the core unifying values AIHM was founded on: Interprofessionalism, Equity & Love. Pray with Love, Nurture with Soul, Harvest with Heart – demonstrates how Lee led and served with grace and love in his life. The Lee Lipsenthal Lifetime Achievement Award recipient has consistently demonstrated these qualities throughout his/her career.


Award Recipients
2014 – Robert Anderson
2015 – Gladys McGarey
2016 – Bill Manahan
2018 – Molly Roberts
2019 – Daniel Asimus


The Visionary Award

Visionaries have great imaginations and wisdom. They lead us where we may not otherwise be able to go – to places in the future that are new and original. They see clearly even when we are unable to do so. Our visionary recipients have demonstrated these qualities for the movement of integrative health and medicine. Like all our recipients, their visionary style embodies the AIHM vision of pluralism, collaboration and love. The recipients are visionaries who have clearly laid out a vision of what the future can look like, promoting the creation of health and the delivery of evidence-informed, comprehensive, affordable, sustainable person-centered care.


Award Recipients
2015 – Jean Watson
2016 – Barbara Dossey
2016 – Larry Dossey
2018 – Joseph Pizzorno
2019 – Deepak Chopra


The Change-Maker Award

In every profession and walk of life there are change-makers. These are the people who get things done - the movers and shakers. The recipients of the change-maker award have done something so significant in the field of integrative health and medicine that it has advanced all of us. In the trenches, their work in activism, advocacy, policy or politics has accomplished broad change, laws or consciousness shifts that have advanced people-centered medicine and health care for all of us on the planet.


Award Recipients
2015 – Deborah Szekely
2016 – Ruth Westreich
2018 – Penny George
2018 – Christy Mack
2019 – Elizabeth "Liza" Goldblatt