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I am an existing AIHM Member. How do I login and what do I need to do after logging in?
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I am an existing AIHM Member. How do I login to the system and what do I need to do after logging in?

If you have received a temporary password along with your permanent username, please use this to login to our member portal at

Once you have successfully logged in, you will need to complete two important actions:

  • Change your password

  • Verify your information is correct (name, address, membership status, etc)

  • Set your Privacy Settings

To Verify your information & change your password, click the “Welcome, Your Name” menu in the top right and then “Account + Settings”:

First, click the “change” link next to Password:

A new window will open. Enter your current (temporary) password, and then your new password. NOTE: if you have a pop-up blocker enabled you may need to disable it in order to allow the new window to open to reset your password.

After you have changed your password, return to the previous screen. Scroll down to review your personal and professional information. In addition to reviewing the accuracy of information, please also set your Privacy Settings.

Privacy Settings determine what profile information you share with other AIHM members, and what information is displayed in the publicly AIHM Find a Provider Directory. NOTE: privacy settings must be set for each field on your user profile. A handful of fields may have privacy settings set by the system that cannot be overridden.

Setting the privacy option to an unlocked green icon means that the profile field data will be available to the general public in the Find a Provider Directory.

The second option (red person icon) means that the information is only available to other logged in AIHM members.

The final option (red lock) makes the profile field totally hidden from all users except you.

Once you have updated your information, verified your privacy settings, please remember to hit “Save Changes” at the bottom.